Paints and coatings

Our main activity sector, where we started in 2001, buying and importing raw materials from all sources, gathers 6 main categories of purchase.
We also have our own Brand for the products we work with at the point of sale, UNICS, counting with a close collaboration from the best manufacturers of these products in the market, with 7 main categories of purchase:
pintura intumescente

Intumescent Paint


Universal colorants


Universal and waterbone dyes


Solvents, oils, strippings and resins

Adhesives and Glues

Market in development, without presence today, with the intention of growing as a group in that market, where we mainly share the purchases of emulsion resins for the manufacturing of their products.

If you are an Adhesives and Glues manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us, to learn from each other and take advantage of the synergies and our great purchasing capacity to save costs, obtaining a large scale volume together.


In the construction market, we participate in the common purchases that we share with our suppliers of the main category, paints and coatings.

Our main line is the one of printed pavements, collaborating with the same categories that we have in paints and coatings market.

Pigments, resins, minerals, additives, packaging and solvents.