Unipaint Group was born from the union of interests between our associates and our suppliers, thus obtaining relationship of common benefits. Thus achieving, consolidate in the national scope, after more than 15 years of experience.
  • 2000 Our birth

    Unipaint Synergies was born with the name of Unipaint Deco, refering to our main line of business, decorative paints.
  • 2016 Diversification

    As of 2016, Unipaint begins to diversify its business lines to grow in other common brands of the chemical sector at the national scope.


Unipaint Group seeks, as its main characteristic, to obtain strength as a result of the union of its associates. Obtaining the maximum benefit for all them, providing value solutions and services and thus achieving greater competitiveness for its members.


Unipaint Group wants to keep on being the first purchasing and services center leader in our activity field, giving support to each and every one of our members, so that they can go on competing with the big companies that operate in our industry.

We have the vision to keep on improving our management and negotiation systems, with the aim of achieving the continuous improvement of the services that bring more value to each of our members.

Continue building a meeting point for suppliers, associates and other professionals who join our resources and individual experiences in order to achieve a joint benefit.


All our values correspond to the purchasing center, as well as to its associates and suppliers.
All of us look for: